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Samsung Galaxy Y Manual PDF Download


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If you click the button, it will show you a download file for Samsung Galaxy Y Manual PDF Download . This manual is provided in pdf file as you see in specification detailed and description of file that will be downloaded in this page. This download has a file name, , with 6.42 MB size, English language and for free price for download it.

User Manual contain information as your direction for using your mobile phone/ gadget. The informations are such as what is in the box when you buy gadgets, steps to insert sim or usim card, memory card & also the battery, power on or off your gadget, using lock for your screen, how to make communications such as with a call, text message, mail or email, messenger such as gtalk, yahoo, ChatOn & etc, how to play music, video radio or take a photo with your camera, if you want to create your contacts number or may be memo or note, ofcourse you can get it in this pdf. Also you can get any setting information and troubleshooting for your first direction if you find any trouble of your gadget. In setting information is such as how to set the sound, bluetooth, file, power and all application.

Driver is about a software for your gadgets to be able use in pc as pc suite for copying, deleting, updating your gadgets. Software update is a software to update your gadget. You will need driver for updating the gadgets and pc suite. This software usually comes with exe file, because it will be installed in your computer.

Summary of Samsung Galaxy Y Manual PDF Download

Page 108: Location and security

...Brightness : Set the brightness of the display. Auto-rotate screen : Set whether or not to rotate the content automatically when the device is rotated. Animation : Set the device to display animation when you switch between windows. Screen timeout : Set the length of time the device waits before turning off the display’s backlight. Horizontal calibration : Calibrate the accelerometer to adjust the horizontal axis of the device for better motion recognition. Location and security Change the settings for securing your device and the SIM or USIM card, and GPS functionality. Use wireless networks : Set to use Wi-Fi and/or mobile networks for finding your location. Use GPS satellites : Set to use the GPS satellite for finding your location. Set screen lock : Set the unlock security code. When you have set your security code, this option changes to Change screen lock. None : Disable the screen lock. Pattern : Set an unlock pattern to unlock the screen. PIN : Set a PIN (numeric) to unlock the screen. Password : Set a password (alphanumeric) to unlock the screen. Set up SIM card lock Lock SIM card : Activate or deactivate the PIN lock feature to require the PIN before using the device. Change SIM PIN : Change the PIN used to access SIM or USIM data. ...

Page 11: Charge the battery

...Charge the battery Before using the device for the first time, you must charge the battery. You can charge the device with a travel adapter or by connecting the device to a PC with a USB cable. Use only Samsung-approved chargers and cables. Unauthorised chargers or cables can cause batteries to explode or damage your device. When your battery is low, the device will emit a warning tone and display a low battery message. The battery icon will also be empty. If the battery level becomes too low, the device will automatically power off. Recharge your battery to continue using your device. If the battery is completely discharged, you cannot turn on the device, even with the travel adapter connected. Allow a depleted battery to charge for a few minutes before you try to turn on the device. ...

Page 106: Fixed Dialing Numbers, Voicemail service, Voicemail number

...Fixed Dialing Numbers Enable FDN : Activate or deactivate FDN mode to restrict calls to numbers in the FDN list. You must enter the PIN2 supplied with your SIM or USIM card. Change PIN2 : Change the PIN2, which is used to protect the primary PIN. If the SIM or USIM card is locked, this menu changes to Unblock PIN2. FDN list : Set up a list of contacts for fixed dialling. Voicemail service Select your service provider’s voice mail service. You can also select other voice mail services if you downloaded applications that support them. Voicemail number Enter the number to access the voice mail service. You can obtain this number from your service provider. Call forwarding Divert incoming calls to another number. Additional settings Caller ID : Display your caller ID to other parties for outgoing calls. Call waiting : Allow incoming call alerts when a call is in progress. Turn on proximity sensor: Set to turn on the proximity sensor during a call. ...

Page 117: Troubleshooting

...Troubleshooting When you turn on your device or while you are using the device, it prompts you to enter one of the following codes: Code Try this to solve the problem: Password When the device lock feature is enabled, you must enter the password you set for the device. PIN When using the device for the first time or when the PIN requirement is enabled, you must enter the PIN supplied with the SIM or USIM card. You can disable this feature by using the Lock SIM card menu. PUK Your SIM or USIM card is blocked, usually as a result of entering your PIN incorrectly several times. You must enter the PUK supplied by your service provider. PIN2 When you access a menu requiring the PIN2, you must enter the PIN2 supplied with the SIM or USIM card. For details, contact your service provider. Your device displays network or service error messages When you are in areas with weak signals or poor reception, you may lose reception. Move to another area and try again. You cannot access some options without a subscription. Contact your service provider for more details. ...

Page 56:

...Number Check the camera status and settings. : Resolution : Exposure metre type : Number of photos you can take (according to available memory) : Storage location Change the shooting mode. Change the scene mode. Adjust the brightness. Change the camera settings. Switch to the camcorder. Capture a photo. View the photo you captured last. Press the Volume key to zoom in or out. The zoom function may be unavailable when shooting in the highest resolution. Select to take a photo. The photo is saved automatically. ...

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